F.3. 参与人员及任务分配


表 F.1. 参与人员列表

网名 姓名   网名 姓名
Cao Xiaogang 曹晓钢   Yanger 杨戈
DigitalSonic 丁雪丰   Shuai Zheng 郑帅
tigerwoo 伍昊献   melthaw 张辰雪
macrochen 陈邦宏   mo ying 莫映
黄迅 黄迅   mochow  
Liang Chen 陈亮   whimet 李彦辉
downpour 陆舟   ken 郑侃杰
Song Guoqiang 宋国强   mafusheng 马富生
Kirua Jiang 蒋臻恺   Sean Chan 陈志勇
Nicholas Ding 丁舜佳   pesome 张俊
Andy Cui 崔文俊   joyheros 邓超
YY 邹文艳   Richard Cool 顾李健
YuLimin 俞黎敏   crazycy 崔毅
wadise 吴金亮   Tim.Wu 吴鹏程
swinarts 林赟   jlinux 唐勇


表 F.2. 任务分配表

章节 翻译 一审 二审
Index (30 / 9KB) DigitalSonic Yanger YuLimin
Preface (19 / 15KB) 1. Introduction mafusheng Yanger YuLimin
Preface (19 / 15KB)
1. Introduction
mafusheng Yanger YuLimin
2. What's new in Spring 2.0? (new / 16KB) mafusheng DigitalSonic YuLimin
I. Core Technologies      
3. The IoC container (207 / 232KB)      
3.1. Introduction
3.2. Basics - containers and beans
Sean Chan macrochen DigitalSonic
3.3. Dependencies Sean Chan macrochen jlinux
3.4. Bean scopes Mo Ying Sean Chan macrochen
3.5. Customizing the nature of a bean Mo Ying Sean Chan macrochen
3.6. Abstract and child bean definitions
3.7. Container extension points
joyheros Sean Chan macrochen
3.8. The ApplicationContext
3.9. Glue code and the evil singleton
joyheros Sean Chan macrochen
4. Resources (new / 28KB) pesome YuLimin Sean Chan
5. PropertyEditors, data binding, validation and the BeanWrapper (30 / 32KB) downpour jzk macrochen
6. Aspect Oriented Programming with Spring (398 / 119KB)      
6.1. Introduction
6.2. @AspectJ support
jzk melthaw YuLimin
6.3. Schema-based AOP support
6.4. Mixing aspect types
jzk melthaw YuLimin
6.5. Proxying mechanisms
6.6. Programmatic creation of @AspectJ Proxies
6.7. Using AspectJ with Spring applications
6.8. Further Resources
ken melthaw YuLimin
7. Spring AOP APIs (new / 88KB)      
7.1. Introduction
7.2. Pointcut API in Spring
7.3. Advice API in Spring
7.4. Advisor API in Spring
ZhengShuai crazycy Andy Cui
7.5. Using the ProxyFactoryBean to create AOP proxies
7.6. Concise proxy definitions
7.7. Creating AOP proxies programmatically with the ProxyFactory
7.8. Manipulating advised objects
ZhengShuai crazycy Andy Cui
7.9. Using the "autoproxy" facility
7.10. Using TargetSources
7.11. Defining new Advice types
7.12. Further resources
ZhengShuai crazycy Andy Cui
8. Testing (new / 23KB) 黄迅 Andy Cui YuLimin
II. Middle Tier Data Access      
9. Transaction management (95 / 85KB)      
9.1. Introduction
9.2. Motivations
9.3. Key abstractions
9.4. Resource synchronization with transactions
whimet YuLimin downpour
9.5. Declarative transaction management
9.6. The default transaction settings
whimet YuLimin downpour
9.7. Programmatic transaction management
9.8. Choosing between programmatic and declarative transaction management
9.9. Application server-specific integration
9.10. Solutions to common problems
whimet YuLimin downpour
10. DAO support (13 / 6KB) whimet jzk DigitalSonic
11. Data access using JDBC (104 / 53KB)      
11.1. Introduction
11.2. Using the JDBC Core classes to control basic JDBC processing and error handling
macrochen downpour Song Guoqiang
11.3. Controlling database connections
11.4. Modeling JDBC operations as Java objects
macrochen downpour Song Guoqiang
12. Object Relational Mapping (ORM) data access (113 / 135KB)      
12.1. Introduction
12.2. Hibernate
downpour YuLimin Andy Cui
12.3. JDO
12.4. Oracle TopLink
12.5. Apache OJB
downpour YuLimin Andy Cui
12.6. iBATIS SQL Maps
12.7. JPA
12.8. Transaction Management
12.9. JpaDialect
downpour YuLimin Andy Cui
III. The Web      
13. Web MVC framework (274 / 146KB)      
13.1. Introduction
13.2. The DispatcherServlet
13.3. Controllers
Song Guoqiang macrochen Tim.Wu
13.4. Handler mappings
13.5. Views and resolving them
Song Guoqiang macrochen Tim.Wu
13.6. Using locales
13.7. Using themes
Song Guoqiang macrochen swinarts
13.8. Spring's multipart (fileupload) support
13.9. Using Spring's form tag library
Song Guoqiang macrochen swinarts
13.10. Handling exceptions
13.11. Convention over configuration
13.12. Further Resources
Song Guoqiang macrochen swinarts
14. Integrating view technologies (175 / 75KB)      
14.1. Introduction
14.2. JSP & JSTL
14.3. Tiles
14.4. Velocity & FreeMarker
YY whimet YuLimin
14.5. XSLT
14.6. Document views (PDF/Excel)
14.7. JasperReports
YY whimet DigitalSonic
15. Integrating with other web frameworks (new / 51KB)      
15.1. Introduction
15.2. Common configuration
15.3. JavaServer Faces
15.4. Struts
Nicholas Ding pesome Song Guoqiang
15.5. Tapestry
15.6. WebWork
15.7. Further Resources
Nicholas Ding pesome Song Guoqiang
16. Portlet MVC Framework (new / 59KB)      
16.1. Introduction
16.2. The DispatcherPortlet
16.3. The ViewRendererServlet
16.4. Controllers
Liang Chen Richard Cool DigitalSonic
16.5. Handler mappings
16.6. Views and resolving them
Liang Chen Richard Cool DigitalSonic
16.7. Multipart (file upload) support
16.8. Handling exceptions
16.9. Portlet application deployment
Liang Chen Richard Cool DigitalSonic
IV. Integration      
17. Remoting and web services using Spring (new / 34KB)      
17.1. Introduction
17.2. Exposing services using RMI
17.3. Using Hessian or Burlap to remotely call services via HTTP
黄迅 ZhengShuai YuLimin
17.4. Exposing services using HTTP invokers
17.5. Web Services
17.6. Auto-detection is not implemented for remote interfaces
17.7. Considerations when choosing a technology
黄迅 ZhengShuai YuLimin
18. Enterprise Java Bean (EJB) integration (53 / 18KB) 黄迅 ZhengShuai DigitalSonic
19. JMS (new / 40KB)      
19.1. Introduction
19.2. Using Spring JMS
黄迅 joyheros jzk
19.3. Sending a Message
19.4. Receiving a message
黄迅 joyheros jzk
20. JMX (new / 69KB)      
20.1. Introduction
20.2. Exporting your beans to JMX
mochow DigitalSonic YuLimin
20.3. Controlling the management interface of your beans
20.4. Controlling the ObjectNames for your beans
mochow joyheros YuLimin
20.5. Exporting your beans with JSR-160 Connectors
20.6. Accessing MBeans via Proxies
20.7. Notifications
20.8. Further Resources
mochow joyheros YuLimin
21. JCA CCI (new / 51KB)      
21.1. Introduction
21.2. Configuring CCI
21.3. Using Spring's CCI access support
jzk wadise Andy Cui
21.4. Modeling CCI access as operation objects
21.5. Transactions
jzk wadise Andy Cui
22. The Spring email abstraction layer (37 / 15KB) Cao Xiaogang ken jzk
23. Scheduling and Thread Pooling using Spring (new / 23KB) Cao Xiaogang downpour jzk
24. Dynamic language support (new / 48KB)      
24.1. Introduction
24.2. A first example
melthaw downpour joyheros
24.3. Defining beans that are backed by dynamic languages melthaw downpour joyheros
24.4. Scenarios
24.5. Further Resources
melthaw downpour joyheros
25. Annotations and Source Level Metadata Support (108 / 38KB)      
25.1. Introduction
25.2. Spring's metadata support
25.3. Annotations
25.4. Integration with Jakarta Commons Attributes
DigitalSonic pesome Andy Cui
25.5. Metadata and Spring AOP autoproxying
25.6. Using attributes to minimize MVC web tier configuration
25.7. Other uses of metadata attributes
25.8. Adding support for additional metadata APIs
pesome DigitalSonic Andy Cui